The email to associate with this registration.
For minors or people without phone numbers, please fill in with a relative's contact.
Mailing Address
Age at the start of Labor Day Retreat, August 31

Put in the names of the people you would like to stay with or nearby. There are a variety of cabins/dorms. Most will have shared bathrooms.

Name of ACC Church which you attend. (e.g. La Puente, Vista, etc...)
Rooms are bunk style accommodations. Camp does not provide linens. Everyone will be required to bring their own linens for twin bunks. Please comment here if you are from out of state and can not provide your own linens.
Friday 5:30pm, Saturday 8am etc
Please reference the pricing sheet. Tier 1 is full time, Tier 2 is two nights, Tier 3 is one night, Tier 4 is day use fee and two meals (no sleeping or housing).